“Queen of Double Eyes”, Alex Garant.

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with the work of the "Queen of Double Eyes", Alex Garant. Her work is hyponotising and colorfully eerie. The fact that some of my friends and colleagues find it hard to look at the work for too long, is also intriguing. I personally can't stop staring at it. Alex studied visual arts [...]

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Construction Photography Assignment

Commissioned by M Lambe Construction, based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, I was given a construction photography assignment, which consisted of several days shooting at various locations in the Midlands.   Working as a commercial photographer Birmingham, it allows me to carry out a wide range of photography projects which allows me to produce work for [...]

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Dog Photographer

I've been spending a lot of time with dogs recently. M'i old pal Charlie Smith, runs a canine care business www.charliescaninecare.co.uk which includes dog walking, behavior, day care and a house sitting service, so owners don't have to leave their dogs at a kennel when they are away from home. Not really having much experience [...]

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Live Event and Music Photographer Birmingham

Ian Davies Photo works is a music photographer and live event photographer in Birmingham and the UK.   Growing Up listening to Brit Pop and Indie, it was a pleasure to shoot Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and The Stereophonics back in December.   As part of Emo Ltd's Bauer Media radio tour, I was [...]

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Commercial Photographer Birmingham

    Shooting tests helps you to practice new techniques and try out new ideas. With a considered approach you can then send the results to potential clients.   Wanting to obtain more work as a commercial photographer in Birmingham, the idea was to create an image that appealed to commercial brands and editorial clients. [...]

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