The Night Owl – Birmingham’s First Dedicated Northern Soul & Motown Club In Decades

It’s always a pleasure being able to work on commissions and in surroundings that interest you, personally.


Being a fan of Northern and Motown, I had the privilege of shooting for The Night Owl on it’s opening press launch.


Soulies, Mods and local supporters of the scene were present and it’s always an added bonus to get to dance while you work!


Thanks to Richard, Arith and Mazzy Snape for having me in, to shoot. KTF




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The Night Owl Press Launch

NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3637 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3663 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3674 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3727 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3737 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3770 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3773 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3807 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3810 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3820 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3834 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3842 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3850 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3888 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3900 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3923 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_3994 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4001 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4018 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4021 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4043 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4061 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4082 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4124 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4144 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4190 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4281 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4434 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4492 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4497 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4573 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4580 copyThe Night OwlNightOwl.Launch.IMG_4523 copyNightOwl.Launch.IMG_4683 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4585 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4671 copy NightOwl.Launch.IMG_4719 copy

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